Wednesday 3 September 2014

Oracle Apps SCM Training

R12 Oracle Supply Chain Management (SCM) Functional Training

          This training includes discussions of features, functions, and benefits of Oracle Supply Chain Modules. Students learn how to set up data and model the supply chain. In hands on practices students will review data, review the supply chain model,
End Users, Functional Implementer, Project Manager
Suggested Prerequisites
Basic Knowledge of Supply chain management
Course Topics:
Introduction to Oracle (2)
·         Oracle SCM Demo
·         What are Oracle EBS and its version?
·         Basic Menu features of EBS
·         Navigation & Shortcut of EBS Application
·         User creation
·         Assigning Responsibilities
Brief on SCM Functional
·         Explain about SCM
·         Concepts
ü  Inventory
ü  Multi-Org Feature
ü  Organization structure
ü  Organization Access
ü  KEY Flex fields
ü  Descriptive Flex Fields
ü  Inventory Replenishment methods
ü  Kanban cards
ü  Mobile Applications
ü  ABC Analysis
ü  Physical Counting
ü  Cycle Counting
·         Setup
ü  Organization Creation
ü  Organization Parameters
ü  Sub-Inventory
ü  Stock locator
ü  Calendar
ü  Item status codes
ü  Item template  
ü  Item Attribute Controls
ü  Shipping Network
ü  Shipping Methods
ü  Category code
ü  Category Set

·         Defining
ü  Master Item
ü  Assigning Item to organization
ü  Item Statuses
ü  Item Relationships
ü  Item Cost
ü  ABC Classification
ü  Inventory Accounting Period
ü  Forecast Set
ü  Serial Number
ü  Serial Number Generation
ü  Safety Stock
·         Transactions
ü  Miscellaneous Transactions
§  Receipt
§  Issue
ü  Inter-org Transfers
ü  Sub-Inventory Transfers
ü  Move Orders
ü  On hand
ü  Material Transactions
ü  Pending Transactions
·         Reports & Profiles
·         New features added in R12

·         Concepts
ü  Purchasing process
ü  Procure to Pay Cycle
ü  Receipt Routings
ü  Invoice matching’s
ü  Purchase Document types
ü  PO Revisions
ü  Purchasing Accounting
·         Setup
ü  Buyer
ü  Approval Group
ü  Approval Assignment
ü  Requisition templates
ü  Purchase Options
ü  Receiving Options
·         Defining
ü  Supplier
ü  Supplier Site information
ü  RFQ’s
ü  Quotations
ü  Quote Analysis
ü  Purchase Requisition
ü  Internal Requisition
ü  Auto creation of PO
ü  Standard Purchase Order
ü  Blanket Purchase Agreement
ü  Contract Purchase Agreement
ü  Planned Purchase Order
ü  Release of PO

ü  Approved Supplier list
ü  Sourcing Rule
ü  Sourcing Rule with split in rankings
ü  Sourcing rule with split in sourcing
ü  Assignment Set
ü  Forward Documents
·         Transactions
ü  PO Receipt
ü  PO Cancel
ü  Unordered Receipts
ü  Match Unordered Receipts
ü  PO Returns & Correction
ü  Transaction Summary
·         Reports & Profiles
·         New features added in R12
·         Concepts
ü  Order management
ü  Order to Cash Cycle
ü  RMA
ü  Order Capture
ü  Order fulfillment
ü  Drop Shipment
ü  Back Orders
ü  Back to Back orders
·         Setup
ü  Order types
ü  Transaction types
ü  Document sequences
ü  Shipping Parameters
ü  Release sequence rules
ü  Document sets
ü  Ship confirm Rule
ü  Pick Slip Grouping Rule
ü  Picking Rule
ü  Available to Promise Rule
ü  Grants & Roles – Definition
ü  Grants & Roles - Assignment
ü  Pricing Lists
ü  Copy Pricing list
·         Defining
ü  Enter Sales Order header information
ü  Enter Sales Order line information
ü  Copy existing Sales Order
ü  Book Sales Order
ü  Pick Release Sales Order
ü  Ship Confirm Sales Order
ü  Drop Shipment Orders
ü  Back to Back Orders
ü  Internal Sales Order Cycle
ü  RMA Sales Order

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